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Why Is My Puppy Drinking A Lot Of Water?

Puppy drinking a lot of water can be a sign of various issues, ranging from a healthy diet to the intense heat of summer. Regardless of the cause, monitoring the amount of water your puppy drinks is important. It is normal for puppies to drink thirty millilitres of water per pound of body weight, but this is based on each puppy’s breed, age, and dietary habits. To determine how much water your puppy needs, consult a veterinarian.


If your puppy seems to be consuming a large amount of water, he may have a kidney problem. He will display various symptoms, including increased thirst, decreased appetite, and diarrhoea. He may also experience depression, sedentary behaviour, and difficulty relieving himself.

If your puppy seems to be drinking a lot of water, you should take him to the veterinarian. There are several possible causes of excessive thirst in dogs, and only a qualified veterinarian can determine which one is causing your pup’s abnormal water intake.


If Your Puppy Is Excessively ThirstyIf Your Puppy Is Excessively Thirsty

If your puppy is constantly drinking water, the cause may be something more serious. In some cases, excessive thirst is a symptom of a medical condition known as psychogenic polydipsia, or “water-loving puppy syndrome. Your puppy may be simply thirsty, but this doesn’t mean it’s an indication of an underlying problem.

puppy drinking a lot of water

Your dog may be simply thirsty and be drinking excessively. Depending on your dog’s activity level, it may be drinking more water than usual. A puppy that runs around for an hour may need more water than a dog that snuggles on the couch. However, a dog that spends more time in the yard may not need as much water. It’s best to check with a veterinarian for a proper diagnosis.


Your veterinarian may prescribe a diuretic, an anti-inflammatory drug, or a pill to reduce your puppy’s thirst. In addition, you should check if your puppy is lactating. However, most people do not notice this side effect unless their puppy is vomiting or has an infection.

Although excessive water intake in dogs may not cause concern, it is worth consulting a veterinarian if it persists. There are many possible reasons for your puppy to drink more water than usual. It may be hot, bored, eating certain foods, or recently exercised. Nursing dogs also tend to drink more than others. However, if your puppy is consistently drinking water, you should take your puppy to a vet. A veterinarian can rule out any medical conditions that could be causing your puppy to drink so much water.

As you might know, water plays an important role in your dog’s health. It helps regulate your dog’s temperature, aids digestion, and moves toxins and wastes through the body. While water consumption can be a good indicator of a dog’s overall health, excessive water intake should be monitored for any signs of a health problem. Read on for tips on keeping an eye on your dog’s water intake.

While it may seem simple enough to monitor your dog’s water intake, many dogs tend to drink too much or too little water, causing dehydration. This can lead to urinary tract problems, organ failure, and more. Be sure to check your dog’s water intake daily. If your dog is constantly drinking water, or drinks more than usual, consult your veterinarian for further instructions.

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