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Why Does My Dog Suck on Blankets?

Most dogs suck on blankets because they feel safe and relaxed while suckling them. Remove the veil, and some dogs will stop immediately. Others will find a substitute. Listed below are some reasons your dog might be sucking on blankets.


Your dog may chew on blankets for many reasons, but there is no correct answer. Your dog may be stressed or teething, or it may simply be a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder. If your dog chews on blankets while you’re not around, it may be due to a scent.

Why Does My Dog Suck on Blankets?

You may see chewing behavior in a dog with herding or guarding instinct or in a dog experiencing separation anxiety. However, chewing is an instinct in most cases, so you should never try to stop it.

Aside from being bored, your dog may also be stressed and nervous. Leaving it in a crate for an extended time may get boring, leading it to chew on blankets. In addition, if your dog isn’t getting enough exercise, it could suffer from parasites. Premature weaning is another common cause for a dog to chew blankets. While puppies should stay with their mother for eight weeks after birth, early weaning can happen.

If your dog has constantly chewed blankets, it might be teething. This behavior is typical for puppies and young dogs. Still, it’s inappropriate when your dog chews on blankets made of excellent material. As a result, you should consult a vet who is familiar with the problem and can provide you with training tips. Consult with a dog trainer to learn more effective techniques.


If you have wondered, “Why does my dog suck on blankets?” you’ve come to the right place. Your dog may feel anxious because it’s not comfortable in its new environment. A dog may suck a blanket to calm itself if it’s bottle-fed or a rescue. Other causes include crowds and loud noises, which can trigger anxiety. On the other hand, your dog may be trying to self-soothe by sucking on blankets, so don’t be alarmed.

Several factors may be at play for your dog’s behavior. One of them is separation anxiety. This behavior is a way for the animal to self-soothe, but it’s also a sign of stress. So the best way to stop your dog from sucking on blankets is to figure out what’s causing their anxiety.

If your dog is sucking blankets excessively and constantly, it may be a sign of a severe problem. Exposing your dog to different sights, sounds, and smells is an excellent way to alleviate anxiety in your pet.

To stop your dog from suckling blankets, identify the source of the anxiety. You may need professional help if your dog is highly anxious and prone to blanket sucking. These will help it deal with its stress while minimizing its adverse effects.

There are also several reasons why your dog might suck on blankets. First, this behavior may be related to separation anxiety. Your dog may have stress due to a stressful situation, or it might simply be a reaction to a new scent or environment. You can help your dog by limiting conditions that cause anxiety, such as moving furniture or feeding it before leaving. These are standard solutions for many typical dog behaviors.
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